extraordinary results

in fewer hours

(and we can prove it)

Hybrid working is no longer a hot new phenomenon. It’s the baseline expectation of any high-demand industry.

The most elite companies are taking hybrid working beyond the basics; and are integrating Outcomes Over Hours intrinsically in their culture, recruitment, onboarding, training, policies and leadership.

Join the Outcomes Over Hours revolution

“Going through the Group Coaching Program for my Leadership Team with Tina has achieved amazing results in just 6 months. The Program focused on our productivity and well-being, but also becoming a more cohesive and aligned LT. As a LT we are now better able to lead and support our teams. We are now making more time for each other and leading as one team rather than individual leaders. I cannot recommend Tina’s Program more highly.”

— Mithran Naiker, Chief Technology Officer

BUSINESS success



Busy is a decision. A decision of yesteryear.

There’s a stigma in pockets of the business world associated with not being in the office Monday to Friday from 9-5, one that implies being lazy or unproductive. However, that’s an old world view. The ultimatum of a successful career at the expense of happiness, health or family is not operable, appealing or effective.

Working 100+ hours a week, running from one meeting to the next, being ‘always on’… it’s exhausting. And it’s counter-intuitive to being productive.

Make a more powerful decision to power up your leadership and team performance.

This is where Tina Paterson’s Outcomes Over Hours program is instrumental – she’s a global expert and advocate of working smarter in remote teams. Her program supports hybrid working and a shift away from the delusion of progress to delivering extraordinary results in fewer hours.

“Tina really changed my thinking … I feel like I’m more present when I’m at work and I don’t feel guilty about it and I’m more present when I’m with my family and I don’t feel guilty about it.”

— Kylie Lewis, Head of Customer Experience




Leaders will either evolve or be left behind in this new world where a global paradigm shift has changed how business is done and how teams interact. There is no “going back” to the old days where you could lead your team by watching over them or demanding them to perform on command. With resignation statistics and employee dissatisfaction at an all-time high, the only way to emerge from this chaos is to accept that everything has changed.

Founder and CEO of Outcomes Over Hours, Tina Paterson’s tome for leaders, Effective Remote Teams, is your solution to leading, managing, motivating, and inspiring your teams to show up, perform and even contribute greater than ever before.

Those visionaries will either see this profound global shift as the most significant opportunity of their career or be left behind. Which leader are you choosing to be?