“Going through the Group Coaching Program for my Leadership Team with Tina has achieved amazing results in just 6 months. The Program focused on our productivity and well-being, but also becoming a more cohesive and aligned LT. As a LT we are now better able to lead and support our teams. We are now making more time for each other and leading as one team rather than individual leaders. I cannot recommend Tina’s Program more highly.”

— Mithran Naiker, Chief Technology Officer

“Tina spent two hours with our team as part of our 3 day regional kick-off session! I have to say it was the highlight of our meeting and certainly the most impactful session. Tina left us with a common language and a handful of practical tools that we have already started to implement. Sometimes it really is the simple things! Tina’s ability to empathize with our team was incredible and made for a liberating discussion about how we can stop trying to do everything, and really focus on those things most valuable for ourselves and the businesses we support. Definitely worth the investment, we’re already reaping the rewards just a few short days later!”

— Paul Davies, SVP HR Business Partners

“Tina is a great coach and a remarkable productivity champion. I had the recent pleasure of being coached by Tina on how to be more effective and efficient both at work and in life. Her outcomes over hours, a series of workshops with senior leaders and my peers have been thought-provoking and a catalyst for change. It was interactive and jam-packed with pragmatic strategies on working smarter and achieving outcomes efficiently. For any organisation or a team looking for a shift from busyness to results, I thoroughly recommend seeking Tina’s practical advice.”

— Ran Bhaskar, Head of Information Technology

“Outcomes not hours! I have learnt so much from Tina. She taught me how to focus and prioritise my work so that I got highest impact work done first, and helped me understand that productivity is all about outcomes and not hours spent doing busy work in the office. I valued Tina’s practical strategies and examples to help me make this change at work and it’s now part of my daily thinking. Thanks so much Tina!”

— Danielle Whitman, Head of Portfolio Management

“Tina supported our Global Leadership Team with her inspiring methodology and expertise to support the team and challenge them to think differently about their productivity, well-being and approach to work.
Tina is authentic, inspiring, motivational and has real-life experiences to share, which were incredibly well-received and insightful across the team. We had excellent feedback from all our global teams, and I would love to work with Tina again on future projects!”

— Rachel Scheel, SVP Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“I’ve been lucky to have gone through Tina’s Program on How to Work Smarter and Look After Yourself. The sessions were great with a relaxed feel where I could share my experiences easily as well as listen to Tina’s expertise and implement the practical strategies provided. Tina herself was superb and I’d thoroughly recommend her coaching to others.”

— Gareth Andrews, Head of Product

“Tina is an inspirational and strategic business leader. One of the many things that impressed me about Tina was the way she role models and supports with flexible working (outcomes over hours in the office) and work/life balance. For anyone looking for an exceptional leader who brings out the best in people, you want to work with Tina!”

— Cameron Thomas, Finance Executive

“We have engaged Tina at OLX group recently to help our senior HR leaders amplify their ‘work smarter not harder’ approach. Tina is such a ball of amazing energy and a huge inspiration on how to get this balance right. I would highly recommend her pragmatic, no-nonsense but kind attitude. Wonderful human and a must for everyone to meet! Thank You Tina!”

— Ewa Priestley, Global Talent Development Director

“Tina really changed my thinking … I feel like I’m more present when I’m at work and I don’t feel guilty about it and I’m more present when I’m with my family and I don’t feel guilty about it.”

— Kylie Lewis, Head of Customer Experience

“Tina’s content is practical, compelling and real. In times such as this her authenticity makes it shine. I commend Tina’s many skills to any organisation who seeks to provide that ‘something else’ to support their people. That something else is care. We look forward to more of Tina’s wisdom.”

— Lisa Brookman, Head of Culture, Leadership and Learning

“Tina is one of the most ethical, inspirational and effective leaders I’ve ever come across. Tina has a brilliant track record in handling difficult organisational challenges and delivering all things transformation, outcomes, leadership, coaching and mentoring. Her coaching and leadership have been instrumental in my growth as a leader. I constantly refer back to her tips and techniques on how to break down a complex problem, how to set up a champion team or how to create a shared vision while being a productive manager with healthy work-life commitments. Her coaching and tips are tangible and real. I would have been lost without Tina’s practical advice.”

— Guneet Sawhney, General Manager

“Coming out of Lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne I asked Tina to come and work with me and the Marketing and Digital Team at MMSG. Having worked remotely for so long we were all feeling a little exhausted and the lines between work and home were becoming even more blurred than ever. The tools and techniques that Tina provided us with have meant that we are all feeling healthy and happier and as a result are more productive and engaged. We all loved the energy and commitment Tina brings. I highly recommend Tina if you and your team need a circuit breaker.”

— Julia Edwards-Smith, Chief Customer Officer

“We received absolutely raving reviews about Tina, including comments around how inspiring her passion and energy is, her ability to provide relatable/actionable advice, and that she was an extremely engaging speaker with great feedback from senior leaders across the business. Overall, working with Tina was an absolute delight.”

— Jessica Paterson, ANZ ForWARD Network Committee Member

Tina’s “outcomes over hours” is a neat combination of practical and accessible strategies to make the most of your time and be more effective. She is a great, engaging communicator with plenty of evidence (lived and researched) to back up what she says.

— Michael Power, Director of Data

Ridiculously easy, simple, and efficient tips that comes to my mind when Tina did a workshop on ‘Outcome over hours’.  Tina’s expertise as working smarter coach is considerable and it helped our team to come up with more efficient ways of working and manage their time effectively. Her past practical experience in the industry has been instrumental in understanding our context. I would highly recommend leveraging her expertise.”

— Darshil Mehta, Chief Data Officer (Acting)

“A huge thank you to Tina for facilitating the recent “Outcomes Over Hours” workshops. I have thoroughly enjoyed every session and appreciate the practical tips and strategies shared – I have no doubt the strategies will improve my overall effectiveness, efficiency and energy, both as a leader, and a person. Tina’s energy, perspective and fabulous storytelling ability is outstanding.”

— Louise James, Head of Customer Strategy, CX and Marketing

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