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Tina Paterson is the global expert in working smarter and on your own terms – helping leaders get extraordinary outcomes in fewer hours while working from anywhere. She is changing the way people in large corporations work, so they can get their work done effectively AND look after themselves and their teams.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years it’s no surprise that clients describe Tina as inspirational, strategic and instrumental. Having worked across multiple industries around the world, Tina has led large departments, governed billions of dollars of assets and steered teams to deliver transformation programs and projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The epitome of commitment and passion, Tina lives life by the work smarter principles she practices. A mother of two and wife to husband James, a multiple marathon runner and million-dollar charity-raiser. She takes three-month family sabbaticals every five years, runs a successful business with clients across six continents and nurtures 10,000+ blog followers. How does she do it all?

Turn the clock back almost a decade and you’ll find Tina seriously ill and miserable in the Emergency Department hospitalised with pneumonia – the result of many long hours at work coupled with stress, burn-out and self-neglect. It was the catalyst that changed everything.

It’s the outcome of these experiences that form the deep care Tina has for helping other Corporate Leaders. Her clients love her and she frequently receives best in class Net Promoter Scores including +100 (yes, you read that right!).

She dispels the entrenched notions of time, effectiveness and being in the office, and instead teaches the hard-earned strategies she has learned first-hand, to move from exhaustion and being overwhelmed to a happier, healthier, more productive leader, wife and parent.

“Tina supported our Global Leadership Team with her inspiring methodology and expertise to support the team and challenge them to think differently about their productivity, well-being and approach to work.
Tina is authentic, inspiring, motivational and has real-life experiences to share, which were incredibly well-received and insightful across the team. We had excellent feedback from all our global teams, and I would love to work with Tina again on future projects!”

— Rachel Scheel, SVP Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



get ready for extraordinary results in fewer hours

’The Global Expert In Remote Teams: extraordinary outcomes in fewer hours’ is Tina’s signature, self-developed base program. Structured with practical strategies, clear goals and outcomes – it provides the foundation required to co-create a version tailored for your people and organisation to achieve change.

Custom designed for your exacting culture and ideals, Tina works closely with you to design workshops that quite simply work.

With a NPS of +76, Tina’s workshops have created extraordinary change to the attraction, retention and engagement of leaders and employees of some of the world’s largest companies.

Join the Outcomes Over Hours revolution

“Tina is one of the most ethical, inspirational and effective leaders I’ve ever come across. Tina has a brilliant track record in handling difficult organisational challenges and delivering all things transformation, outcomes, leadership, coaching and mentoring. Her coaching and leadership have been instrumental in my growth as a leader. I constantly refer back to her tips and techniques on how to break down a complex problem, how to set up a champion team or how to create a shared vision while being a productive manager with healthy work-life commitments. Her coaching and tips are tangible and real. I would have been lost without Tina’s practical advice.”

— Guneet Sawhney, General Manager



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