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get ready for extraordinary results in fewer hours

’The Global Expert In Remote Teams: extraordinary outcomes in fewer hours’ is Tina’s signature, self-developed base program. Structured with practical strategies, clear goals and outcomes – it provides the foundation required to co-create a version tailored for your people and organisation to achieve change.

Custom designed for your exacting culture and ideals, Tina works closely with you to design workshops that quite simply work.

With a NPS of +76, Tina’s workshops have created extraordinary change to the attraction, retention and engagement of leaders and employees of some of the world’s largest companies.

Join the Outcomes Over Hours revolution

“Going through the Group Coaching Program for my Leadership Team with Tina has achieved amazing results in just 6 months. The Program focused on our productivity and well-being, but also becoming a more cohesive and aligned LT. As a LT we are now better able to lead and support our teams. We are now making more time for each other and leading as one team rather than individual leaders. I cannot recommend Tina’s Program more highly.”

— Mithran Naiker, Chief Technology Officer



EXCLUSIVE MASTERCLASS FOR C-Suite Executives and Global Team Leaders

The Ultimate Guide to
Building an Unstoppable
Team in 2024

Maximize Productivity, Drive Results, and Outperform in the New Era of Work

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